Bold, structural designs inspired by ancient cultures, history and human symbolism.

I'm fascinated by how past cultures often created jewelry that represented or symbolized something valueable to them; their god, the stars and the heavens, nature and the elements, or the cycles of life. These collections include pieces directly inspired by various ancient designs, or by the symbolic nature of human 'ornament' through the ages.

Growing up in Britain I was always surrounded by history, ancient artifacts and architecture. Living in some of the US’s newest, most modern cities, I missed that sense of history and constant connection to the past. I became increasingly interested in ornamentation from the ancient past through to more modern times, and the similarities in people’s motivation to wear various adornments. I love the commonality which runs across time and civilizations.

So many pieces from antiquity represented some kind of human symbolism: life, fertility, nature, the elements, God and the heavens. This idea completely took root in me and has become a touchstone across my jewelry collections.