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Contemporary, statement jewelry and metal art inspired by human connection.

Hi! I'm Rachel, and I love all things creative but my passion is jewelry and metal art. As a metalwork artist and mixed media painter, my fundamental motivation is the connection between the piece and the wearer or viewer.

My jewelry has an old-world aesthetic, but with a modern edge. Growing up in Britain I was always surrounded by history, ancient artifacts and architecture, so I embrace that sense of what came before, and the consistent connection to history. In my designs, I draw inspiration from ancient and symbolic designs that cross cultures and generations.  Civilizations across time related to the world through symbolism and talismans, often represented in their jewelry and adornments. My goal is to create distinctive and striking pieces that resonate and have meaning to the wearer beyond that of just beauty.

Similarly, when crafting each of my paintings, I aim to create art that is interactive and participatory. By incorporating reflective metal leaf and mica into my landscapes, I mimic the way light interacts with the environment. As viewers shift their position, the picture’s appearance visually changes, influenced by the angle of light in the room. Additionally, the viewer’s own reflection subtly colors the work, making it a personalized experience.
In my abstracts, I intentionally weave metallic elements to provide a dynamic dimension to each piece, inviting viewers to engage and interpret beyond the surface. By introducing reflective components into my abstract paintings, I offer a literal shift in perspective — depending on their surroundings, viewers see the artwork in varying lights.