I mainly work in copper, bronze, pewter & wood and truly value the intrinsic personalities of each component. I develop new designs fluidly and spontaneously — allowing the materials’ own characteristics to help determine each final piece. I studied sculpture and jewelry design in San Francisco which introduced me to multiple techniques and materials which, along with my love of experimentation, I draw upon when creating something new.

I’m inspired by human symbolism, by history, ancient artifacts and cultures, and by the natural world — each influences one of my collections.

I was born and raised in the UK and have been making jewelry since I could paint and string macaroni! My journey to being a jewelry maker has been diverse and circuitous. I started as a Chemistry & Astronomy major and subsequently worked as a civil servant (more of an uncivil servant really), a graphic designer, a programmer, a photographer, a fine art framer and, in between, going to school to study Sculpture/Jewelry Design and Fine Art Photography ……. like I said, circuitous!!

After moving to Connecticut in 2018, I finally had the space and opportunity to pour everything into my jewelry and have settled happily into this new stage of life.



My work has evolved, and continues to, as I delve into what inspires me and learn how to offer my voice and points of view in each piece I design.

Growing up in Britain I was always surrounded by history, ancient artifacts and architecture. Living in some of the US’s newest, most modern cities, I missed that sense of history and constant connection to the past.

I became increasingly interested in ornamentation from the ancient past through to more modern times, and the similarities in people’s motivation to wear various adornments. I love the commonality which runs across time and civilizations. So many pieces from antiquity represented some kind of human symbolism: life, fertility, nature, the elements, God and the heavens.

This idea completely took root in me and has become a touchstone across my jewelry collections.


​I’m heavily involved in the Art show circuit and have exhibited and sold my work at events across the US. My work can also be found in several boutiques around New England.