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Lingling-o Necklace - Medium

Lingling-o Necklace - Medium

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The Lingling-o Necklace draws inspiration from an ancient artifact and holds deep cultural significance. It symbolizes fertility and creation, making it a powerful emblem. The pendant itself is a 2-inch hand-cut disc on a satin cord. The use of bronze, raw or patinated copper adds warmth and character to the piece and it’s design seamlessly blends ancient aesthetics with modern sensibilities. Wearing the Lingling-o Necklace connects you to ancient traditions, creation symbolism, and the enduring spirit of craftsmanship. It’s a wearable reminder of our shared human heritage that bridges across millennia.

This is a hand-crafted item, made to order. Variations in color/texture may occur!



Care information

Most pure metals, especially copper and bronze, can react and darken when they come into contact with the air or with acids, oils and other chemicals on the skin. This is called patina and is a natural process which can actually give quite a beautiful result. The speed and level of discoloration varies from person to person — some people don’t experience any discoloration at all.

All jewelry requires occasional cleaning to keep raw metals bright and remove any tarnish. Use a little soap in warm water and gently brush with a soft toothbrush, rinse and air dry. Patinated pieces do not suffer the same darkening because the patina already coats the surface. Don’t scrub these — it may remove the color treatment.
Remember to not shower, sleep or exercise while wearing your jewelry and, where possible, store it in airtight boxes or bags.

I seal my jewelry pieces with Renaissance Wax to protect the surface. You can use an acid-free wax (such as good quality automotive wax) to re-seal it if needed. Wax isn’t permanent, but is preferable because it doesn’t crack and flake over time.

I use nickel free materials in all my products and most of the ear-wires are surgical steel. If you have any questions or concerns about reactions or metal allergies, please reach out prior to purchase. Thank you!

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